In order to prevent sludge build up, iron oxide from entering the gas boiler and to keep the system running at optimum performance it is necessary to have a clean heating system.

MagnaCleanse Flush and FilterMcKinney Gas use the industry leading MagnaCleanse Power Flushing system to ensure:

  • ALL suspended black iron oxide is removed from your heating system
  • System flushing is completed quickly, efficiently and without mess
  • Your heating system will continue to be protected with the installation of MagnaClean Filters and inhibitors providing improved performance and a more efficient heating system.

With over 20 years of experience and expertise, working on all makes and models of gas & oil heating systems, be it installations, conversions, service or repairs, McKinney Gas, Belfast, Northern Ireland brings you that warm feeling.

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Did You Know: As little as 1mm of scale can reduce your central heating and hot water efficiency by up to 8%!